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Happiness means different things to different people.Its very difficult to define the way love is difficult
To define .Yet I feel happiness is mental state of mind of positive feelings & vibrations, peacefulness & satisfaction. It is a state of euphoria with increase in cerebrospinal fluid endorphin levels which are raised in the feeling of love as well
To achieve happiness one has to understand ones own self.   Self   knowledge & clear perspective of life is very important .On one hand a person might be happy by achieving worldly pleasures ,monitory & professional goals in life while on the other hand the other is happy by self sacrifice & becoming one with god.
Moreover happiness means being free from bondages, for instance from, being wife ,son daughter, student, subordinate or generally being under some criticism or evaluation and burdens of work
Happiness is being in happy company of people (appreciative, promoting, noncompetitive & overall supportive), in happy neighborhood   & relationships.
Happiness" may be the label for a family of related emotional states, such as joy, amusement, satisfaction, gratification, euphoria, achievement and triumph.
Happiness also means being well fed, physically health , unstressed mentally , well connected socially, attached spiritually to almighty(enlightenment) & well endowed materially.
In limited senses happiness can also mean making sacrifice ,giving ,donating , practicing nobility &
winning (matches,awards,wars & riches etc)
In an abnormal sense , people derive happiness by bullying,damaging others,defeating others,criticising others,dominating others & taking sanyas(renunciation)
Biochemically , happiness happens when brain (specially its specific areas) are being bathed by specific chemical mediators
It is impossible for an individual to achieve all this in his lifetime.Each aspect of above said definations requires hard work ,single minded dedication...


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