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A Good Samaritan

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A Good Samaritan
Ring…..ring…. “Hello!” my mother said. “I was calling to invite the family to my house this year for Christmas.” She said to my cousin. They told her that they would be glad to come over, I continued to study. Today was December 12th.
It is the 14th and I am almost out of school, YES! My mom dropped me off at home and went out to go Christmas shopping. I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to study for exams, again. My mom returned home with a look on her face as if she had just lost her best friend.   She came out of her room moving as if she was a snail and made her way to the sofa. I looked up from my papers and said, “Hi love”. She stared at me so long I thought she could see right through me. She finally spoke and said, “Bubba died today.” I sat there trying to fight back the tears and said, “Who?” “Your cousin, he died today.” She said. At that moment I was done studying for the night.
She turned the news on and it showed the story over and over again. A guy who was believed to be under the influence, did a hit and run and turned the corner and caused a 12 car collision. The headline “Arlington shooting” played in my head what felt like a million times just that night. He was innocent; I didn’t understand how someone could be so ruthless. He was on his way to get his nephew from school because his sister couldn’t make it, when he seen a horrific accident. He ran over to the accident to help, just as three other bystanders did to try to help the kids and the driver out of the totaled truck. People say they believe that he and the driver exchanged words at some point before the shooting. He intentionally went to help the driver out first and once seeing that he couldn’t he tried to help the kids out and his life ended. Bystanders said that the driver was acting really crazy and was shouting out vulgar words so they left from by the car. A lady that approached the car before my cousin said that the driver startled her with...


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