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"School of Rock" Movie Review

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"School of Rock" is a film perfect for viewers of all ages.   Although rock music is a big part of this film, you don’t have to be a fan of rock music to enjoy this film because the characters each go through interesting positive transformations by gaining confidence, believing in themselves, and gaining selflessness through the art of music.
The characters in this movie each go through a noticeable transformation from beginning to end.   Take for example Tomika, she’s the shy insecure girl that was assigned to be a roadie and nicknamed “Turkey Sub” in the beginning of the movie.   Before the audition Tomika tells Mr. S that she can’t sing because she’s nervous.   Her reason for this was that she thinks everyone will laugh at her because she’s “fat”.   Mr. S was able to convince her to do the audition when he gives her a pep talk that included “The thing is, you're a rock star now.” Mr. S is blown away by her talent.   At the end of the movie, we see her performing on stage.   This girl goes from being too shy to sing in front of one person, to performing on stage in front of thousands and acquires a new nickname, “Songbird”.   She doesn’t seem like a girl to shy away from anything anymore.
Zack, the lead guitarist, also goes through a change. In the scene where that class is practicing, Mr. S comments on Zack’s stature.   “Zack, dude, what's up with the stiffness, man?... Let's grease up the hinges, and listen, loosey-goosey, baby, loosey-goosey.”   Mr. S teaches Zack a new technique of what he calls the “power stance” and Zack gets it down nicely.   The audience can see that Zack starts to change his attitude, loosen up and show more interest in playing the electric guitar.   In another scene where Mr. S asks Zack to repeat after him while teaching Zack new songs on the electric guitar, Zack says “My dad doesn’t let me play. He thinks it’s a waste of time.”   Zack felt the pressure of society, and that of his father, that the only form of music that is worth any time is...


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