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Reaching New Heights

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Paul Nam
Period 2 - Wentworth
Narrative Writing
Reaching New Heights
"Have a safe flight! You are going to love Korea!" Those were the last words that my parents said to me as I departed from them and headed into the airport. Little did I know, those would be the only words that I would hear from them for the next couple of months. As soon as the airport's entrance doors opened, I was amazed at what I saw. Thousands of people were roaming throughout the airport. Some were waiting to board their next flight while others were waiting for their friends or family to arrive. The atmosphere was filled with all different kinds of noises, like people talking or the sound of machines passing, and smells, like the food at the dining spots in the airport. However, before I could actually enter the inner parts of the airport, I had to check through security first. With my carry-on luggage in one hand, and my passport and ticket in the other, I nervously waited to be checked by security. I was intimidated by the metal gate and the all the beeping noises that the metal detector would make. But there was no need to fret, as I passed by security with ease. I released a huge sigh of relief, "Phew!"
My internal organs thumped against my chest as I dragged my bag along the carpet floor and into the corridor. I walked into the long hall, glanced up and noticed the sign telling me that I could get on. My entire body could barely hold itself together with the anticipation of traveling over the clouds and heading to a new country. I said to myself, "I'll soon be in the air." Swarms of people walked around me as I treasured knowing that one of my lifetime goals was now inevitably going to occur. The excitement and adrenaline was running throughout my entire body.
I came to a bend in the tunnel, where I saw through the glass window, that which before entering, gave no hint of its existence. Just after this quick bend, I could see the crew helping people on. Just before I...


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