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Generation Y & Facebook

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Generation Y & Facebook

Generation Y refers to people born in mid-1980 and later which means young adults today. Generation Y grew up with technology and relies on it to perform a better life. Through technology students can make their class work done much easier than before, submitting work through the internet to avoiding late work. Some student may afraid to ask question during the class, they may email their professor to clarify their question, and it’s more convenient than having an appointment to see their professor. Technology in particular has made students' lives easier and more fun. One of the biggest social networking phenomenon’s today is Facebook. It’s a web connecting people and providing them the ability to share. Facebook is highly popular among teenagers today. In her essay “Generation Why” British novelist Zadie Smith (at Harvard with Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerburg) justifies her negative stance toward social media by stating that Facebook is only the byproduct of the “mindless musings of a college sophomore”. The article “Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction” by Math Richtel, he report how the emerging use of technology in the classrooms and how digital technology might be changing the way the brain develops.   It’s about both the positive and the negative aspects on technology for generation why.   In “Frazzled By Face book? An exploration of Gender Differences in Social Network Communication Among Undergraduate Men and Women,” Sharon H. Thompson and Eric Lougheed explore the effects of Face book use on male and female college students, concluding that Face book, especially among female students, causes stress anxiety and sleeplessness. Based on three research sources above and my own experience, Face book has many disadvantages and several advantages for Generation Y; diminishing intellectual self-development, and the overwhelming time spending in Facebook cause stress and anxiety, but at the same time it’s creating the ability to...


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