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Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson

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Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson
Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson provides a fantastic approach to visualizing a business plan and developing realistic plans to achieve one’s goals. The book is resourceful in providing life skills that enable individuals to rely on their abilities to conquer fear. This enables the reader to set reasonable goals, tap into personal creativity and achieve realistically set goals on time. The tittle of the book is symbolic and used as a parable. The valley represents the self defeating ways that see people give up on ideas that would otherwise be achievable. The valleys need patience, dedication and resilience to achieve. A further understanding of the book leads to realization of each individual’s strengths and ability to change the outcome of tough situations. This is the peak.
The first chief point of this book to caution inspiring investors of the tough situations they will face in the course of business. There are setbacks and low points that the business person might not have the power to control. The author reiterates that the setbacks never last for ever and that people need the right attitude to overcome them. It is, therefore, crucial to have mechanisms of going through the tough times in life. The tools are the right set of mind that enable people endure the troubles in life till the time for relief comes. Spencer Johnson cautions that there is no life of complete happiness and success.
Another idea the author puts across is the knowledge of better times after problems. The author thereafter advises the readers on how to enjoy the peaks of life. There is an emphasis on being humble, and appreciating that the hard times they went through to get to their present states. The idea of humility at the peaks of life is of help to everyone, not just those aspiring to start businesses.   At the onset of the book, a young man encounters with a wise old man enlightens the reader on the significance of keeping a low profile,...


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