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Important Role of Superfine Mill in Powder Industrial

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The rapid development of modern industrial production and manufacturing technology has greatly improved the importance of ultrafine powder material market. New type of super fine powder materials has become the core upstream materials of most industrial manufacturing, range almost covers all light industrial production and manufacturing department. As super fine powder material physical preparation, ultrafine powder mill is the most important equipment, and with the continuous value of super fine powder material in economic production application prospect, it will gradually occupy more market share in the mill sales market.
    The main source of industrial super fine powder material is metal and non-metallic compound and some other organic matter, commonly includesoxidation zinc powder, molybdenum powder, magnesium powder metal compound superfine powder, and kaolin powder, talcum powder, jade-like stone powder, gypsum powder, bentonite powder and other non-metal liferous ore compound super fine powder. These super fine powder materials processed by a special processing technology have a very wide production applicability, most can be directly used for industrial products processing production. In addition, after special modification treatment, its use field can fold expand. Many new types of industrial products use super fine powder material as additive, which greatly improved the original strength, elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, prevent radiation of product, at the same time, greatly reduced the production cost.
    Processing super fine powder can use physical and chemical two methods, the chemical methods mainly used a variety of chemical agents, and get finished product through conditions of high temperature, high pressure and quenching. Physical method is used more widely, and it is also a kind of economic methods, mainly adopts a variety of different principle of pulverizer machine, including supporting...


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