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I believe in being fearless in the presence of fear. Being fearless does not mean that we have nothing to fear, or being unafraid of everything that encounters our path. Fearless is having fears and knowing that I have them; however I control them and don’t let them dictate the life that I choose for myself. Living in spite of all my fears and tremors is fearless. Hiding from my fears and brushing them under the rug is what allows the fear to progress and grow until there is nothing that can be done to fix it. But when they are faced head on, that’s being fearless. Falling in love after someone has broken my heart and it feels like it has been ripped from my chest and it’s impossible to put back together, that is fearless. Screaming at the top of my lungs for what I stand for even if every other person is against that decision, that is fearless. Fearless is standing on your own when everyone has done everything to bring you down. Fearless is smiling through the tears. It’s fearless to believe that one day this world may be at peace and believe in the possibility of change. I believe it is fearless to allow yourself to fall in love with someone who people would think is completely wrong for you, but in reality completes you in ways the outside world may never understand. Falling in love with your best friend when they don’t see you in the same light is fearless. Letting go of the one person who hurts you the most, but also completes you and brings you the best happiness someone has possibly known is fearless. Finding the voice to speak out and speak up is fearless, screaming until the words run out. When we realize after someone keeps apologizing and doing the same exact thing over and over, that it’s alright to stop believing them and listening to their excuses that they continuously give. Walking away and closing the door in your life to them is completely fearless. It’s fearless to be completely fearful with a voice to speak out and say it. Running TOWARDS your...


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