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Pride and Predjudice

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The incredible novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen

The Bennet family
We are thrown into a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, a conversation that describes their personality
very well. Mrs. Bennet is a mother to five grown up daughters and all that she wants in life is to get each of them married to a great and rich gentleman. Mr. Bennet however, doesn’t worry that much at all about it, especially not when it comes to Jane and Elizabeth, which is the two brightest and elder daughter of him. Mr. Bennet does often respond his wife’s scandal gossip with a sarcastic answer, tired of her way to behave. She’s always talking about her poor nerves and put herself into a victim’s position, repeatedly asking him to show some consideration to her poor worn out nerves.
The Bennet family is a middle class 18th century family, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia. They lived all together in a town called Hertfordshire in Longbourn the residence of Mr. Bennet. Unfortunately there wasn’t a son in the family who could inherit Longbourn after his father’s death, so Longbourn would be in the hands of the sisters’ cousin Mr. Phillip Collins. And I consider that this is the main reason and the answer to Mrs. Bennet’s poor nerves

The discussion between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet is about a gentleman named Mr. Bingley which settled down in the Netterfield park just a few kilometers from Longbourn, and Mrs. Bennet immediately thought of him married one of the girls. And so it would be at least what we thought, Mr. Bingley fell in love with Jane and everything indicated a wedding. But one day everything changed when suddenly Mr. Bingley took off to London, he was going to business affairs, at least what people said, and he’d never said goodbye to his dear Jane and never return to Netterfield Park.

A different love story build on hatred
Throughout the book, we follow Elizabeth and her coincidence meeting with Mr....


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