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Academic writing is not an easy skill to master because there are so many conventions and so many complex rules to memorise. Only together can these create the perfect term paper. However, students who take heed of the following advice will find that their jobs are made that much easier and that their grades get higher and higher.


Proper formatting is essential when it comes to writing a term paper because examiners will have no issue with knocking marks off for improper formatting. Nearly every college with have a specific method of formatting, but the general rule of thumb is to always keep it clean and simple. In other words, stay away from colour and unconventional fonts and stick to fonts like Times New Roman.

Plan Effectively

Planning an essay effectively is crucial to prevent the writing from becoming confusing. Plans don’t have to be complex nor do they have to include any references to evidence, all plans should do is outline the major point of the whole paper and the major point of each paragraph. The evidence should then be gathered based on this outline. After this is all done, the student should then attempt to create a first draft of their essay.

Give Credit

One of the most important aspects of writing anything in any academic field is to give the appropriate credit to the relevant people. In other words, every source should be credited by an in-text reference and/or a footnote and a reference in the bibliography at the end of the paper. Failure to do this can mean that the student loses a significant chunk of their marks because of unintentional plagiarism. Remember, a single missed quotation mark can make it seem as if the student has attempted to plagiarise the work of others.


It’s imperative that the student proofreads their own work multiple times. Even if the essay sounded perfect in one’s head whilst writing it, this doesn’t always translate to other people or when the essay is...


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