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Tailgating: The UB Way of Life
Buffalo, New York is home to the University of Buffalo and its famous football team the Buffalo Bulls; this university houses some of the most loyal and die-hard fans in the state.  Seeing the city on a game day is truly something you will never forget. Tail gating is a huge part of the UB community as it brings everyone together much like a family; strangers turn into friends over just a simple game of football. There is no game or event that does this as easily and effectively as football does.  
Being a freshmen and going to these football games is a great way to socialize and meet new people. As I drove around the surrounding areas of the stadium to find the best place for me to attend tailgates, I discovered it was too easy to find welcoming tailgaters and friendly faces to narrow my choices down. The 2 mile radius around the stadium is full of loyal fans anxiously awaiting kick-off. Every fan I met offered whatever information I needed and a place to stay to celebrate. While, walking around it is easy to notice all the things University of buffalo is known for; partying and underage drinking. I quickly made note that students had no regard to underage drinking laws; police weren’t looking to get students in trouble that were minding their own business. If the students at the tailgates were acting in a somewhat responsible manner and were not putting anyone else in danger, the cops merely turned the other way.
As the differences of the alumni and students continued to shine through to me without and even once speaking to anyone, I found myself seeing that many students have befriended those around them, even if they are older. Instantly a bond has formed, over a game of football. Walking around aimlessly immediately made me stand out. Everyone else had destinations in mind and friends to meet. I instead was wondering around taking everything in that I possibly could. The most frustrating thing I experienced was the amount of...


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