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2. The period from 1793-1794 in France is referred to as the Reign of _____________
(Glory, Terror, Peace )

3. The Marseillaise was the National Anthem of---------------------
  (France, Britian,America   )

4. In 1848 ------------------- was finally abolished in the French colonies.
(T axation , Censorship, Slavery )

B)   Answer the following in one sentence each:             (4)
1. Name any two philosophers who forwarded new ideas in the French Society.
2. Mention any one measure taken by the revolutionary government to improve the life of women in france
3.Which ideas formed themost important   legacy of the French Revolution?
4. What was known as the Convention in France ?
2A   Arrange the following events in chronological order:                           (2)
  1. Drafting of a constitution   for France
  2. Napolean became the Emperor of France
  3. France became a Republic.
  4. Convocation of Estates General
B)   Give one reason for each of the following:   (2)
1. The gap between the rich and the poor widened in France in 1789.
2. Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estate General.
3A   Answer   any two of the following questions in two sentences each: (4)
  1. Mention the services that thepeasants in France had to render to the Lords.
  2.   What was the result of the abolition   of censorship in France?
  3. What was the condition of women before the French Revolution ?
4A   Match the items in Column ‘A’ with the correct items in Column ‘B’ and rewrite: (1)
                COLUMN ‘A’                                                                           COLUMN’B’
  1.     Walesa                                                                                     (a) Led the military coup in Pakistan
  2.   General Musharaf                                                                   (b) led the national league for...


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