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Do Bisexual Men Really Deserve Acceptance?

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Do bisexual men really deserve acceptance?

Gone are those days when men used to cheat there wife’s for another woman. World is changing so are men. Well the bisexual trait is well established in men and woman but when it comes to bisexual men, the things are pretty dramatic and demanding. Well before starting this debatable article I wish to recall the definition of bisexuality in order to clear out any misunderstanding and misconceptions. Bisexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or you can say behavior towards male and female. Although this looks quite simple in terms of writing but its not, trust me. We often do not believe this as it looks like an individual choice. Besides having many scientific proofs bisexuals have failed to prove themselves as right and justified. There attraction towards opposite sex as well as same sex is considered choice and not a biological trait. This behavior is generally treated weird and people do not consider a bisexual man as bisexual if they know about his sexual interest towards men. Bisexual men often consider themselves superior from homosexual men as they are not easily identified and labeled.

Seriously you cannot predict and label any bisexual men as bisexual until and unless he reveals it from his own damn mouth. Any happily married men with kids can be a bisexual but as I said above the chances of identification are nil.

These bisexual men are openly seen on these gay dating and hookup sites where most of them pose themselves as straight. Some do not even tolerate the label of bisexual as being married gives them the certificate of straight and the society never considers a married guy as gay or bisexual.

The reason behind this bisexual trait is not known to anyone except scientists who are working hard to find out the inside stories of human mind. Well even the bisexual men do not consider them bisexual or homosexual , for them it’s a mercy they do on homosexual guys or you can say they chuck out there...


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