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Three Tomorrows

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There are three tomorrows. There is the tomorrow we would like to see our children grow up in. There is the tomorrow we expect to see if nothing is done to change the course we are on. And there is the tomorrow we will see.

We can make the tomorrow we dream about become reality but we have to work at it. We have to work to build the kind of world we want to see at the next sunrise. Few of us as individuals can have any kind of world-wide effect on how tomorrow will look. That kind of influence is reserved for prime ministers and presidents and the leaders of business. But you and I can help build a better tomorrow if we work together.

There's that word again. Work. If a better tomorrow is to be built, you and I are the ones who will have to do a lot of the work. Now while neither you nor I are likely ever to speak before the United Nations or otherwise have some influence over international policy, you and I together can work here, now, today, to influence community policy. We can influence family and neighbours to get together and build the kind of tomorrow we would like to see. We may accomplish no more in the beginning than cleaning all the trash off our street but that by itself will mean the sun will rise on a better world tomorrow.

That one small accomplishment may be just the spark that is needed to get everyone on our street interested in making other changes, improvements, reforms, so that a few sunrises from now we will wake up in a world that looks a bit more like the tomorrow we dream about today.

Perhaps the example we set by our efforts to build a better tomorrow in our neighbourhood, village, town, city, nation, will be seen by those who can influence the way the rest of the world will look tomorrow.

We can work together and build that better tomorrow, so that a few sunrises from now we can look about us and see the kind of world where we want our children to live.


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