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How I found out why Honesty is the best policy
It’s hard to tell the truth sometimes, and even harder when playing a joke on someone. Honesty is The Best Policy. I found out that you need to be honest to everyone; especially to the people you love. Someone could get hurt and you may not be the same with that person.
On a nice, warm night in September, I was at home talking on the phone with my friend Ashton. We both thought of a joke to play on my ex boyfriend Bobby. Ashton thought of the joke and I wanted to see what would happen. We thought it was funny at the time.
Ashton is really close to Bobby. They are like brother and sister. Bobby doesn’t like to tell people how he feels or show it all the time. At one of the Varsity home football games, Ashton saw Bobby look at me and saw his face light up. That night at the game, Bobby and I started arguing about something stupid. Ashton really thought he had feelings for me. Since Bobby wouldn’t tell us how he felt, Ashton and I thought of a joke to get him to tell us how he really felt about me.
The joke we made was really funny the first night we started it.   We had a lot of people in on the joke. Ashton had her ex boyfriend Tyson and I had this guy that’s like my little brother Marcelino and Justin and my cousin Simone. Tyson, Marcelino, are on his football team and Justin used to be on his team last year. Everyone told him and made it sound so serious and real except my little brother Marcelino. Ashton and I called him after football practice. We asked him if he told Bobby and he said no because it was too funny to tell him. Ashton and I both knew that Marcelino couldn’t tell him because knowing him and his actions, we knew that if he told him he would laugh in the process of it. The next night Bobby texts me and said the he was hurt by the joke. I asked him who told him the truth and he said Marcelino told him. I was kind of mad and at the same time I knew I was wrong.
When Ashton first told him the joke,...


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