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Kazakh History

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In 1991, new country - the Republic of Kazakhstan - appeared on the geopolitical map of the world.

Kazakhstan has a multi-millennia history and culture. One of the central question is the origin of it's native people, Kazakhs, and the development of their statehood, culture, traditions, and relations with other civilisations.

If written sourses are examined, it can be concluded that the Kazakh statehood was completely formed by 1470 when sultans Janibek and Girey organised numerous tribes in the south-eastern areas and combined them into a single 'Kazakh' tribe.

In the beginning ot the 16th century, when Kasymkhan ruled over these lands, the Kazakh khanate strengthened: its borders were expanded and the khanate included the cities of Turkestan, Otrar, Sairam, Sauran, Sygnak, Suzak and Chimkent which were located on the Syr Darya river. Kazakhs became well-known both in Europe and Asia.

The 16th century is a milestone in the Muslim world history. This was the time when a new age began. V. Bartold, an outstanding orientalist, wrote: "In the new history of Islam, the pace of changing dynasties, the general instability of power, and small states where no patriotism could exist came to there opposite - uniting of states which took place there. We see the Muslim empire of Great Mogul in India, then Turkey, Persia...". That was the approximate time when the Kazakh, Bukhar, and Yarken khanates were established in Central Asia. Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyzes, and Karakalpaks, all speaking Turkic languages, claimed their rights in the historic arena.

The Kazakh khanate existed until 1718 when Taukekhan, the last khan of all the Kazaks, died and numerous steppe khans, who governed small groups of Kazakhs on small areas, took over the power, this was the beginning of disintegration and recession which resulted in joining of the khanate to the Russian Empire.

The ethnic name 'Kazakh', then used as the name ot the state, is a Turkic word. In the opinion of the...


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