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Geometric Sotryboo

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Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. There was a planet that was inhabited by the people of shapes. There was every shape living on the planet that you can possibly imagine.


There were four brothers who wanted to build a house because they had just moved to the planet. The brother’s names were Quadri, Tri-tri, Circa and Sqire. Quadri was a rectangle, Tri-Tri was a triangle, Circa was a circle and Sqire was a Square.

So when they started building the house each of them were in charge of doing something. Quadri was in charge of finding the perimeter that the house was to be. Tri-Tri was in charge of finding the area needed for the house. Circa was in charge of finding the surface area needed and Sqire was in charge of volume needed for the house.

Quadri was trying to find the perimeter. Perimeter is the total distance around the object. So for Quadri to find the perimeter he has to measure all the sides of the house and add them together and he will get the perimeter. The perimeter of the house they were building had to be 44 yards.

Since Quadri did his part in the making of the house we move to Tri-Tri who was in charge of finding the area of the house. Area is the amount of space. To find the Area Tri-Tri has to multiply the width by the height. The area of the house was 2200 feet.

They were almost done finding all the measurements needed to build the house. Circa was trying to find the surface area. Surface area is the area of the faces and curved surface.

To find the surface area Circa has to use a formula which is 2lw+2Lh+2wh. He has to plug the length, width and height. Circa plugged all the measurements and found the surface area.

Sqire was in charge of the volume. Volume is the amount of space inside. So he was trying to find space that was going to be in the house. Volume was the last thing they need to find before building the house.

To find the Volume he had to use the formula l*w*h. which in other word is...


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