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The Issues On Euthanasia

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        Firstly, for this individual assignment, I would like to introduce my topic which is the euthanasia issues, which is being debated for many years already. I’ve chose to take up this euthanasia issues, as I found that this issues is an amazing and interesting to do for my individual assignment. Euthanasia, which is also called mercy killing or assisted suicide is an intentional and planned killing of the humans by direct act, for example the deadly injection, or by breakdown to do the fundamental medical checkup. For instance, the specification of hydration and nutrition essential to preserve life. In addition, this is also describing as an act of killing somebody without any pain, particularly somebody bearing from the incurable sickness. Euthanasia is illegal in most of the countries.
          For the first article, entitled ‘Euthanasia should be legalized?’ by Pram, I think this article is better when compared to the second article. The author has presented an issue about either euthanasia should be legalized or not. Pram is more to support this topic. In the premises and conclusions, Pram had supported his arguments well with good examples that made the reader easy to understand. He also includes some of the cases and references to make the article easier to follow by the readers. In fact, the author for the first article has provided a list of reference at the end of the article, he did provide sources that he concludes in his article. But for the second article, entitled ‘Is Euthanasia Morally Acceptable?’ written by Brandon Norgard, he did not includes any reference regarding to the article, this is because the author had used his own original point of views without relying any other’s sources and opinion. His conclusion also is not clear and not based on the evidence. Plus, his reasons towards this article were not clearly linked to other reasons. The writer is more to state his own opinion.
          As for the fallacies, in the first...


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