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Christian View on Buddhism

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Viewing Buddhism Through Christian Eyes

“The true meaning of the precepts is not just that one should refrain from drinking alcohol, but also from getting drunk on nirvana.” Bassui. Just one of the inspirational quotes that were preached to me over my past experiences of the religion known as Buddhism. As a Christian (Baptist) you usually overlook other views on what their persona consist of in their religion, but I took the time to pursue this informational faith. The time spent growing up being raised as a Christian comes with its benefits and its downsides. In schools I was teased about having a faith, criticized about my beliefs. Seeing as though Christianity is the number one religion in the United States there will always be certain amount of criticism you will receive but as a person who has a faith you keep with it. Speaking on faith is not hard but comparing two totally different ones might be more of the challenge I was looking for in showing interest in the belief of Buddhism.
First on the list of things to be brought to discussion would be my experience with my Buddhist encounter. Having a friend that is a Buddhist really helped me. Without asking to many questions or offending her feelings toward her religion, immediate question I came forth with was “what is a Buddhist and what is it that you represent as a Buddhist.” Buddhist basically believes in the practice of reincarnation, the thought that when you die you are reborn into what your past life replicated. To say I was a mean angry person that did wrong I would be reincarnated as something not formidable such as an ant or something not considered that big of a specimen, but if good was done in my pass life I would possibly be blessed to become things such as a human, or lion something on top of the chain. Three practices were preached attending the Buddhist sermon. Sila which is Virtue, good conduct, morality, Samadhi that goes with meditation and Prajna that belongs to wisdom, and...


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