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It's Your Responsibility

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It's Your   Responsibility

To have responsibility for a task can often be a burden. In the is case, to have responsibility is a matter of ones death. In the story, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare a young couple destined to cross paths, set eyes upon each other on the night of a masquerade. They decide that they're the one's for each other and begin one of history’s most romantic love story. Amongst love and lust the couple find them selves in trouble. They fight for any chance to be with each other but their efforts are no match for the problems surrounding their relationship and they are driven to their death bed. The death of Romeo and Juliet could be the responsibility of many problems surrounding the couple. The factors that are responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet are the lack of planning or logical thinking, the feud among the families and their emotions affecting their thinking.

The lack of logical thinking and lack of planning was a very much a factor that was responsible for the couples death. The lack of logical thinking is recognized most when Romeo Montague fails to follow the advice given to him by Friar Lawrence.

“They stumble as they run fast”(2, 3, 90)

Clearly, this advice was not taken by Romeo when he falls into love with Juliet just after the departure of his relationship has occurred with Rosaline. He does not think logically about what would occur of his relationship and how strong it would grow to be. Another example of when logical thinking was not of prime importance is when Romeo stabs Tybalt after the violent fight occurs.

“Romeo, away, be gone!/ The citizens are up, and Tybalt slain... away! ( 3, 1, 132-135)

This is certainly an example of   lack logical thinking present in the story. The quote is advice given to Romeo by his good friend Benvolio. If he had thought about the consequences of his actions and thought of peace instead of fighting, his banishment would have not occurred thus it would...


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