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In our currents lessons we talked Rococo in lifestyle, art and music; Amadeus depicts all these styles thought-out the film. I’ve have always understood Rococo style and its influence, it’s one of the styles I have always admired. I enjoyed how closely the rooms held to the Rococo style, tall, spacious and played well with the two-tone of white and gold. Everyone wore colors that didn’t distract from the focal point of the story or setting of each scene. Seeing the portrayal of aristocrats and members of the lower class there is a clearer understand how divided and separated I saw a lot of pastels with the female’s attire, while the males wear off-white and beige color.
I enjoyed the film throughout; the director did the amazing job with the interpretation of Mozart. With this depiction I felt an utter disgust towards Mozart (towards his character not his music), I couldn’t believe his lewdness, how his lies were built on previous lies, and his lack of moral responsibility. I was satisfied when he was underhanded of the position of becoming the Emperor’s daughter piano instructor. There was times were I was conflicted with both Salieri and Mozart. There was no rivalry between the two; Salieri’s jealously took him from questioning God; demanding for inspiration to denouncing him and seeking revenge against; Mozart; his adolescent demeanor he was unable to understand the way men were against him.
With his indebtedness Mozart fell into a downward spiral. At this point I wasn’t too pleased how the movie direction changed to from a lively setting with pastels and beautiful music to a dark and cold setting. It felt like the dark corner of Mozart soul. But within this disarray he was still able to create The Magic Flute which was a comedic play, and a requiem commissioned by the mysterious stranger (who is Salieri dress in Mozart father’s masquerade costume). With all these turmoils against him the commissioned requiem, that Salieri eventually help finish...


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