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Do the Same Job as Their Parents

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At present there is a argument that whether kids should do the job the same job as their parents. We can easily see doctors send their children to medical school, while lawyers persuade their sons to fight for the justice as they do. Moreover also many businessmen want their kids to take the family business when they get retired. it is widely regarded as a great tradition of family. I think it is good, nevertheless I just don't want to force my kid to take the same job as mine.

Firstly, I want to respect the interests of my kid's. Everyone has the right to choose his or her occupation, following heart. I don't want my parents to make the career decision for me. So I won't make the decision for my kid. As the old Chinese saying goes, if you don't want a thing, you shouldn't push it to other people, either. As people often say, do not do something you don't want others to do to you

Secondly, we are living in a time that things change too fast to predict. People in the 18th century had no idea about the industry revolution and can never imagine traveling from the European continent to the American continent by plane. So neither would people know there be a kind of job called pilot. How can a groom who drives the carriage think about his son will drive a new and fast transportation as plane rather than a slow carriage. So what if I make my kid to take my job which I think is the best job in the world now while as he grows up there is a job much better. I cannot predict what will happen in the future but I believe the world will become a better one. So I want my kid to enjoy the better world and take the better job in the future instead of following the old and out of fashion road of mine.

Finally´╝îI want my kid to become a better man than me. I am a normal waitress. But I want my kid do better job such as scientist or artist. I chose my current job just for money. Later I want to use the money I earned from it to give my kid good material basis that...


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