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The Base of Successful Life Is Freedom from Addiction

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To gain freedom from addiction is to understand what "addiction" is, and how it works. Addiction wants control! Addiction is like a thief in the night! Sometimes it takes a little, sometimes a lot, but it never gets enough. Addiction keeps coming back for more until it owns that person; the whole person. But to achieve success we need to sacrifice all our addiction. I once met a girl whom I asked whether she was successful in her life and with a broken heart she replied that she could never get success in her life just because she had an addiction. Reading novels was not only her favorite pastime or hobby but addiction for her. This led to her downfall. Also some people have addiction to drugs. Addictions to chemical substances that result in psychological and physiological dependency are the most obvious addictions noted in society today. This also leads to disappointments in one’s life and disappointment   amongst your close ones too. Addiction wants that person to waste time and energy fretting over their choices "What if, If Only." Addiction wants their hearts to become callous with bitterness and un-forgiveness towards themselves and others; to become filled with criticism and suspiciousness and to trust no one, not God and not themselves; no one! Addiction wants their minds to be anxious and worried; their minds to be passive, depressed and full of darkness and gloom; their minds to be confused, unfocused and undisciplined. It proves that addiction is a great hindrance in one’s life.
Fight your addiction by first recognizing the purpose your habit serves and how to fill the void, Identify triggers and avoid relapse, Deal with stress in ways that provide lasting relief — not a temporary high, Counter stress through meditation, Choose foods and supplements that will detoxify your body and curb cravings, Connect to your life's true purpose and passion.
Addiction can be of many forms but it’s our responsibility to fight addiction. Addiction is quite impossible...


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