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Auschwitz & Dachau

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Concentration Camps of Auschwitz and Dachau
The Holocaust was the work of a man named Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi Party in Germany, to eliminate the Jews whom they considered to be inferior (“Introduction to the Holocaust”).   The Holocaust was during the World War II and six million Jewish people had been killed by the Nazis (“Holocaust”).   "While Jews were the primary victims of Nazism as it evolved and were central to Nazi racial ideology, other groups were victimized as well—some for what they did, some for what they refused to do, and some for what they were." (Holocaust)   “Political dissidents, trade unionists, and Social Democrats were among the first to be arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.   Although Catholics, Poles, homosexuals, Roma (Gypsies), and the handicapped were targeted for persecution, if not outright extermination, the Jews of Germany, Poland, and the Soviet Union were by far the most numerous among the victims” (“Holocaust”).
“From 1933 to 1939 and in some instances even during the first years of the war, Hitler’s purpose was to expel the Jews from the Greater German Reich.   In 1941 this policy changed from expulsion to extermination.   The concentration camps created under the Nazi regime were thereby expanded to include extermination camps, such as Auschwitz, and mobile extermination squads, the Einsatzgruppen” (“Adolf Hitler”).  
“After Hitler became chancellor in January 1933 the Nazi Party came to power of Germany” (Anderson).   “A little more than five weeks later, the first concentration camp of Germany named Dachau was created on March 10, 1933” (“Dachau”). Tim Anderson states that Heinrich Himmler was the man who built the concentration camp Dachau and it was the first of eighteen that he was ordered to construct.   “Records indicate that at least 32,000 inmates died at the Dachau concentration camp, and numberless more were transported to extermination camps in Poland” (Columbia University, Press).   “Unlike Hitler and...


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