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An Adventure at Sea

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As we turned the corner Maracas Beach came into view. The palm trees danced gracefully as the large mounds of fluffy white clouds drifted indolently across the azure sky.   I burst through the car door and inhaled the lemon scented air.
I was at the beach with my twenty year old brother Tom and my seventeen year old sister Alice. We were going sailing in our parents’ boat. Since my brother turned twenty this year we could go without our parents. We planned to do fishing while on the boat. My heart palpitated with joy as we stepped on to the boat.
The crisp breeze ruffled my hair as the boat sliced through the aquamarine water. We were having the best time fishing although we did not catch one fish. We were truly enjoying ourselves and not one of us sensed the calamity about to befall us. The sun shone in all its brilliance brightening up everywhere. The golden sand looked like diamonds peaking through the water.
Suddenly, there was a loud peal of thunder. Grey pregnant clouds covered the blue sky and hung ominously, threatening to burst at any minute. The sky turned dark and little was visible. Lightning zigzagged through the sky brightening the place for brief moments. Thunder roared like a hundred ferocious lions. I was scared out of my wits.
The rain came down like deadly arrows piercing the earth. My siblings raced into a cabin on the boat. I froze in fear. Tom, Alice and I sat still praying to be saved. The waves became high and rough. Our small boat was tossed around in the water. My brother immediately sped onto the deck and dropped the anchor. He returned to safety after doing that.
A mystifying chill travelled down my spine. We had no assurance that we would be alive by the end of this but kept faith in God. “Help us God!” screamed Alice. Rays of hope lit up our sprits as the dark clouds dispersed. The anchor was raised and we sailed ashore. The sight was terrible. House boats were toppled over and people lay unconscious in...


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