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The Trecherous Journey

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Dobrev 1
Nina Dobrev
English 9A- Nicole Jenny
Assignment- Unit 6 Portfolio
October 31, 2010
The Treacherous Journey
It was freezing, eight below zero to be exact. The storm from the night before had just passed, leaving everything covered in snow and ice. This was no surprise to anyone, this was Antarctica, and this type of weather was considered normal to the residents that lived there. There was no one to be seen for hundreds of miles, except for one small base camp for the United States research team. This team consisted of five men. These men weren’t actually researchers, but they were guides for the researchers that traveled there. The team leader was named Zach, he was kind hearted and would do anything for anyone. The next two team members were identical twins, and their names were Jack and Finn. The last two members were the weather watchers, and they stayed at the base camp while one of the three guides was out on a journey with a researcher. They made sure no major storms were coming in while a guide was out. They were known by Dan and Phil.
Now these men weren’t the only members of this research team. The last eight members were big, strong, muscled Siberian Huskies. These dogs were born and raised to pull a sled across the treacherous icy lands. These dogs were all bought by the same breeder in southern Oregon, and they are all full brothers and sisters. The front two lead dogs are the older and experienced dogs known as Maya and Old Jack. Maya is in fact Zach’s favorite dog out of the eight. The second two in the line are two chocolate and white colored dogs that look identical to each other, known as Rusty and Kidd. Next in the line is one of the newer dogs. This dogs name is Max, and he is a black and white husky with one blue eye. Zach expects great things out of this dog because he is such a fast learner, but he is not quite matured yet. Next to Max is a pure white husky with two bright blue eyes known as Shorty. The last two dogs in the...


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