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Buddhism was the creation of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha). Buddha asked questions that every human wonders, but unlike the majority of humankind, he believed he found the answers. He believed the problem to our existence was attachment and desire. In his eyes, wanting something or someone with passion only brings suffering upon us.
So how do you attain nirvana? Before Buddha there was the path of self-mortification and the path of “passions and sensualities” or of seeking satisfaction. Both are extremes, he found that both are painful, unworthy, and unprofitable. After his enlightenment he found that there was a middle path, one which you became one with the world and reached nirvana. In order to reach such enlightenment you must love so much that you give up all desires. There would be no violence, no killing of humans or animas. Your love would become universal love.
No human is perfect and no human loves all things. In life what keeps us going is love for few people, not all. When those people diminish our suffering begins deteriorating away at us, which is unavoidable. Most of us have jobs and stress and as beautiful as the idea of reaching enlightenment might be it is physically unattainable in the world we live today. Everything would stop. People have grown too accustomed and passionate for the small things in life like technology.   Wars have broken out due to something as meaningless as oil. Competition and greed has led to our downfall.
What then can we do? We can refrain from the violence the best we can and we can become more patient with those around us. One can spread love by expressing it. How you act upon someone will always have effect on his or her mood whether the effect is good or bad is up to you.
There are levels of the middle path and slowly one can work up to enlightenment, one does not need to pass through self-mortification nor must you change to aestheticism to reach nirvana, according to Buddha. It is not attainable in...


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