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Mathematical Roots of Globalization

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Desk-Research   Contents : Introduction, Advantage,       Globality - A New Dimension , Globalism & Globalization ,Real Mathematical Roots Connection,
Applied   Globalism .


            A funny thing happened in Applied Mathematics !
Exactly 138 years ago , that was in 1870s, the then Mathematician , Francis Guthrie , while attempting to color the map of England   had a problem flashed across his mind which is known as Guthrie‚Äôs Four- color-problem [ 4CP] that 4 colors are sufficient to color any map on a sphere / plane.

      More than 100 years later, the 4CP was solved by     a computer in the summer of   1976 , after many impressive models of dynamic Mathematicians exhausted since 1950s. The mysterious attacks and results produced both computer programming   and mathematical wisdom out of the power and fecundity of thought disclosing that   the presence of   unsolved problems is a good thing ! Otherwise, new ideas and novel approaches might not emerge or assume the proportion of a standard for attacking other problems.   What about a Lunar Colony or a Flying Saucer conceptability   , for instance ? ? ?   Such is the basis   Research   has in the minds of   modern mathematical and scientific community in India and globally .

The 4CP-mathematical-expeditions made the following   global-explorations.

  1. Two Regions with common boundary .
  2. Two Regions with common positions.
  3. All Regions connectedness.
  4. Empires of disconnected Countries.
  5. Neighbours   of a central Region.
  6. A central country.
  7. A country and its colonies.


  The 4CP in all its successes of four-coloring the entire global-region has been able to remove the local obstruction as well as global obstruction otherwise called non-four-coloring mathematically.
  It is this latter local obstruction and global obstruction conflict-resolution idea applied in the 4CP that has...


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