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Are You Ready Boots?

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Are you ready, Boots by Maggie Alderson, is a short story, which takes place in London.
It's about a girl who loves to buy boots, in the story she tells about how she met her
ex-husband, it all started with one dreary winter Sunday evenings, she was invited by her
friend Spencer to the launch of a new restaurant. She saw a handsome man named
Charlie standing in a corner and checking her out. She thought the boots she calls for
kinky boots was a part of how he checking her out. She walked over to him, they talked
together and became good friends, later they were lovers, and then he would marry her,
she got a huge diamond and she accepted. When they were going to celebrate it, she wanted
to take the kinky boots on, but Charlie wouldn’t have it, so she said are you ready boots, start
walking. She left him for her boots.
In a short essay discuss to what extent it is fair to judge other people´s choice of clothes:
I don’t like the fact that people are being judge by your look and the clothes you are
wearing all the time. I know I personally have a lot of different types of clothes and would
hate to think I was being judged by other people. I don't judge anyone by their clothes. I
don't judge people from their fashion sense or skin color, just by their words and
personality. You should go by there personalities. But judging somebody doesn't always
have to be negative. Sometimes it can help someone to be a better person, and have a
bigger self-confidence.


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