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College - Summary

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College, is it for everybody? Some say no; but for most it’s a gate to another life.
We grow up learning that education would free us from the shackles of everyday life that we are used to. When we actually reach the steps of higher learning we are in aw, knowing that we are bettering ourselves to enter the proper careers that we set forth to achieve. For students that have done all the courses that they were appointed to take with electives to boot; comes the realization that it’s not going to be an easy road. If you’re rich then college is no problem. For the average working Joe however works two, or three jobs to make sure that their child receives that training; in order to get them out of the rut that their family is going through “A Better Life“.
We are here to talk about if college is worth the financial hardship. Going to college whether it is a community or university the training is mainly the same but the credit is not there. Future employers look for the Bachelors, the Masters, and Doctorates but for some if not many students find that it’s hard to enter their specifically trained endeavors. Making it; is college really worth that hard work, that could be put in working hard to get to the same point with more training from your career than what College would be able to provide without the financial prospects with tuition being raised every year regardless of the any financial crisis and that’s why this paper is to reflect the great things about why it’s worth going to college, a history of colleges, and why it’s not worth going to college.
Why it is worth going to college some people may ask? For many adolescences college is a place to reflect and process our talents and passions and begin to sort out our lives. College is necessary to make sure you get that great job or career, for many jobs even an associate’s degree

looks good to an employer. Kalen Smith wrote an article titled “The advantages of going to college” which has five...


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