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True Diary of Part-Time Indian

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ii. In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian the character that cannot relate to a student in grade 10 would be Junior. “ And if you’re fourteen years old, like me and you’re still stuttering and lisping, then you become the biggest retard in the world” (Alexie,4). The elements of his personality that the reader will detest, will be how he is really scared of doing things, for example; going to the powwow. Also some readers may detest him drawing of random things. Juniors experiences and emotions are realistic, for example; his sister passing away and his grandmother. I think his emotions and experiences are meaningful to the reader because it may have happened to him or her too. In some of the obstacles Junior had faced the reader could empathize for example; in the novel when Junior transferred to the white school, someone could have became his friend and helped him out, but no one did. In the other obstacles you couldn't empathize because you couldn’t do anything about it.

iii. The novel from the falling action was when Junior and his team went to play Wellpinit High School. Junior got hit in the head by his ex-best friend Rowdy, also Junior’s team lost to Wellpinit. Few days passed his grandmother passed away which was a huge thing for Junior, his grandmother was just like his best friend. On valentine day, his dad’s best friend was shot and killed by his good friend Bobby, they both were too drunk and Bobby doesn’t remember what had happened. The day finally came when Wellpinit was coming to Reardan, Junior was scared and nervous. Before the game a sports guy came and interviewed Junior. Junior said some harsh things about his ex best friend Rowdy, but he was mad. During the game Junior had stopped and stole the ball from Rowdy, which made Rowdy really angry. Junior even dunked on him, Rowdy then gave up. Obviously Reardan won the game, but Rowdy was really angry and wanted to kill Junior. Another tragic thing had happened in Junior’s...


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