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Nyamekye Annor
English: 1010

Discipline in Ghana

I was only in the ninth grade when my parents decided to take me to Africa for two years. “Wait!   Did you say Africa? You mean Africa as in lion king?”   The thought of me spending two years in Ghana killed me.   I couldn’t survive in that hostile environment. As a kid, all I knew about Africa was what they showed on TV and that wasn’t pleasant.   On the plane to Ghana, all I could thing about was how the rest of my two years would be.   Would I even ware cloths, what school will I go to, what food will I eat, do they have a McDonald’s. All these thoughts raced through my mind until finally we arrived. Ghana, West Africa. The land of gold they call it.
As we boarded off the plain, I saw folks with enormous posters with family member’s names on it.   I guess the posters make it easier to spot love ones.   As we were checking in, one thing unusual stood out to me. They were playing one of Michael Jackson’s songs at the airport; “ABC” I think it was.   I was actually expecting some kind of “George of the jungle” music. I mean “I am in Africa right?” I thought to myself.
Africa seemed pretty cool.   I saw a lot of things I thought would never exist in Africa.   There were roads, street lights, cars; all these things seemed amazed me. What they actually show on TV in America isn’t what I was seeing here. I could actually picture myself living in this kind of environment.   I mean besides that fact it was really hot.   My first week in Ghana went by really fast though; perhaps because it felt like a vacation.   My parents and I slept in a hotel, ordered food, and had many people serve us. It was so amazing!   I felt as if I was an African king. Unfortunately, it all had to end. I was going to school in a couple days.
I will never forget my first day at Alpha Beta high school in Ghana.   All the students were so disciplined and respectful; and when I say disciplined and respectful I mean to the...


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