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The Captive

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In The Captive by Scott O’Dell the main character is a spanish seminarian named Julian Escobar. He is a protagonist because he tries to save the Mayans instead of trying to capture them. Also, he is sent there to teach everyone his religeous beliefs. Therefore, the words that describe him are intelligent, religeous, and harmless. These words describe himbecause he acts that way in the book.
      Intelligent is one word that describes him because he is a studious pearson. They sent him with Don Luis to help turn the Mayans to his religion. Also he shows he is smart by getting food after the wreck. It shows he doesn’t have much survival skills but still he managed to do all that. Those are the reasons on why I think he is intelligent.
      I know he is religious because he is a seminarian.He belongs to a seminary which is a school that teaches religious history. He wants to be some sort of priest so he needs to be religious. They sent him to teach the Native Americans their religious thoughts. Therefore, I conclude that he is a religious person.
      He is pretty much harmless. He doesn’t have much strength so he doesn’t fight back or do anything to harm people. As I stated before he is religeous so I think he won’t ever fight back. That’s why the spanish sent him to do religious stuff. As a result of all that he is prettymuch harmless.
      Julian Escobar is a protagonist of the story. He is inteligent, religious, and harmless. The Spanish sent him there because they wanted   the Native Americans to join their religion. His job went wrong when he heard that they wanted the Mayans to do their work. So, thats why I think he is intelligent, religious, and harmless.


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