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Honduras Facts

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Honduras History Timeline & Facts
Concise Facts, History and Timeline about Honduras
The indigenous inhabitants of the Honduras were the Mayans
1502 - Christopher Columbus lands in Honduras
1525 - Spain begins conquest of Honduras
1539 - Spain succeeds in the conquest of Honduras after bitter struggles with the native population
1810 - Overthrow of the king of Spain by Napoleon
1800's - Northern coast falls to British buccaneers and British protectorate established over the coastal areas
1821 - Honduras gains independence from Spain
1821 Honduras became a part of the Mexican empire
1823 Honduras breaks away from Mexico
1823 The United Provinces of Central America was formed of the five Central American states under General Manuel Jose Arce
1823 - Honduras becomes part of the United Provinces of Central America, which also includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua
1840 - Honduras becomes fully independent following the dissolution of the United Provinces of Central America.
Honduras History Time line\


During the first millennium, Honduras was inhabited by the Maya. Columbus explored the country in 1502. Honduras, with four other Central American nations, declared its independence from Spain in 1821 to form a federation of Central American states. In 1838, Honduras left the federation and became independent. Political unrest rocked Honduras in the early 1900s, resulting in an occupation by U.S. Marines. Dictator Gen. Tiburcio Carias Andino established a strong government in 1932.
In 1969, El Salvador invaded Honduras after Honduran landowners deported several thousand Salvadorans. Five thousand people ultimately died in what is called “the football war” because it broke out during a soccer game between the two countries. By threatening economic sanctions and military intervention, the Organization of American States (OAS) induced El Salvador to...


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