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Everybody says it is nice to have a twin. You have a mate to play, study and share secrets with. Twins are practically best friends! They can go to school together, comfort each whether when either of them is blue, plus do many more things together. Twins are cool. Well, it’s not for all. I have a twin brother, Wayne and Nelson. They have same parents; however, they are entirely distinct in looks, personality, interests and attitude toward life.
Nelson is a short, stumpy and has smooth white skin. His disheveled hair and pimply face make him look somewhat tatty and nasty. Nelson is such a fuddy-duddy. Casual, conservative apparel or long sleeved shirts are his representative signs. You will never see he appears in wild or sexy looks. He seems gloomier and less glamorous than his brother. Even at formal occasion like relatives’ wedding dinner, Nelson appears in traditional kung fu suits, long pants and classic square-framed glasses, all of which make him look like a lovely naïve kid who actually aged 17.
Unlike Nelson, Wayne who is his elder brother by just about 2 minutes, seems more like an African athlete. He is tall, sturdy and swarthy. He has bonny body and his skin is dark because of his active participation in outdoor activities.   In contrast to Nelson, Wayne is more emphasized on his outward appearance. He always follows the latest fashion trends. His stylish hair and dapper attire make him look very snazzy and chic. Dashing and vigorous are the extrinsic characteristics that can be clearly found from Wayne. Unlike Nelson, too, Wayne likes to wear gorgeous and formal clothes. For instance, in an event or celebration activity, instead of wearing old-fashion clothes, Wayne wears appealing tuxedo vest or formal suits with coat.
Wayne and Nelson also differ in personality. Nelson always acts as if an immature 10-years-old kid. He likes to bully people. Regardless the punishment are made by Nelson’s parents for his impish, immature acts, however, his...


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