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2nd Ammendment

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The United States Constitution is one of the most unique documents in the world. Serving as the foundation of our nation, it lays the groundwork on which our government functions. More importantly, it outlines basic rights and freedoms of the American population through the Bill of Rights. One of the most controversial amendments within the Bill of Rights is the second amendment: the right to keep and bear arms. Often criticized as an outdated amendment, the second amendment inspires plenty of controversy among the general public. However, I believe gun ownership is a freedom that should not be taken away.

Many critics of the second amendment often cite crime rates as a need for gun control. Others claim the amendment was written during a time when such a law was more appropriate, but that those times are far gone. Still others question the interpretation of the amendment. They say it only guarantees the right of states to maintain militias and that private gun ownership by the general public is not provided for. However, as the son of a career military man, I believe the right to keep and bear arms is an important amendment to the Constitution that should be protected. Growing up around firearms, I have experienced the responsibility and the weight that comes with owning a weapon.
Through my experience I learned constraint, the importance of safety, and humility in the face of something so powerful. Understanding how to successfully control this power enables it to be put towards good use such as individual protection. The idea that individual citizens should be able to
protect themselves against tyranny is a basic Constitutional right. After all, the intended purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect citizens from governmental tyranny. I also believe permitting law-abiding individuals to be armed enables them to effectively lower gun violence as they would be able to
defend themselves from true criminals. It's hard to deny that weapons in the wrong hands...


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