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"Yow beeeeee, i is taking over da world, from da hudderzfield MASEEEEEEVEEE" - Polly


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Soldiers don't make "sacrifices on my behalf".
Actually, he does quite the opposite: He is directly enabling and getting paid for wasting my tax money that I have to work hard for and that I fight hard for to not get wasted by voting, educating and doing political work. If anything he is undermining my work and actively works against everything I stand for and what I want for my country.
He is directly enabling power structures that I want abandoned (the American corporate capitalistic government and military lobby), an industrial complex that I want dismantled (the military-industrial complex), agressive wars that I would never support (wars outside his own country's borders or that of his country's allies at their direct request) and an institution that is way too overfunded (the military).
So, ultimately he is representing everything I don't want men of my country ever to do. He doesn't make sacrifices for me. I would never want him to take the job he took. I would never want him to take up arms in my name. I would never agree with anything he stands for.
He is doing quite the opposite of what I would like him to do. What I really want him to do is to stand up and fight. Fight against those that oppress us and fight against those that try to steal from us. I want him to fight against corporate capitalism and all the other things that made him have to become a soldier.
I want him to actually do the right and the hard thing, which is to not take the easy route out and become a soldier, but to actually make personal sacrifices and risk losing your money and career by not accepting oppression and defending his right to have a fair career by his society creating jobs for him outside the military. By working against the military and against the government so he can have a fair and productive life without having to take up weapons and shoot people on the other side of the planet.
If he survives (which is very likely) he will have a substantial sum of money...


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