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The New Sand Maker in the Course of Four Points to Pay Attention to

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1.The new sand maker with grease grade or lithium base grease every 400 hours by adding the right amount of grease, work 2000 hours to open the bearing spindle assembly, cleaning, general work 7200 hours and replaced with new bearings. The top of the spindle assembly bearing for the swimming side, the bottom bearing the fixed end, the assembly by hand pulling the pulley should rotate flexible.

2.Shutdown open on a regular basis to observe the door to observe the new sand maker internal wear, the center feed tube, cone cap on the impeller, obscene Road liner circumference shield, wear block wear after wear and tear shall promptly replace or repair, replacementwear block should be replaced at the same time, the promise sand maker inner spiral structure light to ensure that the wear blocks weigh the same. Open to observe the door, to observe the inner workings of the new sand maker work process, in order to avoid danger is strictly prohibited. Found that the impeller body wear timely replacement patches to find the manufacturer.

3.In the new sand maker running, the township began to use the sand maker is a high-speed devices because of the equipment, should pay particular attention to production safety. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, machine repair For after the shutdown.

4.Triangular drive belt tensioning size should be adjusted as appropriate to ensure that the triangular tape Force uniform, two-motor drive, both sides of the triangle tape packet matching, then each group length as much as possible. Should be adjusted to make the difference between the two motor current does not exceed 15A.

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