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Do We Really Need Education to Be Successful

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Education is of two different kinds.

We have true-education, which is self-learning.
We have School-education, which is Book-learning.

Now basically, You must understand that book learning alone will never make you successful, if it were to be so, People who are well learned in school would have attained the best positions in life. We have evident of people with self-learning (true education) that have owned corporations that most people work in today.

Read the story of Thomas Alvin Edison (he had only 3 months of formal education) , Henry Ford (had little schooling too) , Bill Gates (who had to drop out to pursue his dream child, Microsoft) , Mark Zuckerberg (who also has to drop out to pursue his dream child).

What they teach in the four walls of a school tends to put us into a mediocre state. There is a seed of greatness in every man, the school does not teach that. It teaches the students what they really can't use in Real life.

But if you study the lives of people who have gone before you. Read books, study biographies, what you have just done is that you have simply added more wisdom that you can use on a daily basis.

Most good students don't know squat about how to fend for themselves, except waiting on a corporation to hire them and help them settle for a future, unknown to them.

Today, we know there is no more financial security. The more you tend to delay your self-education, the more you are bracing up to become a dependent in your old-age to a system that is daily collapsing.

True education can only be achieved in printed materials, not in school, not watching Television or playing Video Games, but in Studying, learning and then awakening the sleeping giant inside of you.


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