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Influence of Technology

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Technology allows us to interact with the worLd. The rAPID creation of technology may be useD to enhance humanity lives but because people tend to abuse it this may cause technology to degrade humanity. The repaid use of technology in our everyday life has create factors that influence our social needs in ife such as behavior, culture, entertainment and education both Positively and negatively. When technology has been abused this will become a hazard to our levies. The internet and cell phones have been abuse by so many student and cause it to be a constrain their lives. The students engage in long hours activities such as face book you tube and so on. The long hour’s usage of the internet had cause injuries to the human body such as eye weakness and mysterious diseases that is yet to be identified. The internet also allows young people to be influence by someone else abominated culture such as lesbianism and homosexuality. The cell phones which are use by the young people may also have negative and positive impacts on their physically and socially. The cell phone radiation can lead to brain cancer, nervous reaction and so on. Cell phone can affect human socially by causing children to spend more time on the phone than they do in their academic studies which will cause their grades to decline and also statistics has proven that young people engage in relationships with mystery person which eventually outcome in some sort of criminal activity committed against them.
My speec profoundly changing life. The world of technology   allow   people to get in contact with friends and family at any time this may allow people to elevate socialization in far distance where people may not be able to communicate with each other face to face communication though the internet an cell phones. This had encouraged individuals to undertake jobs and advance studies in any country around the world and still be able to socialize with their loved ones at home such as Kyle...


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