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What Is Globalization

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When asked what is globalization? Most people automatically begin

thinking about corporations trying to gain access to the global market. But, in the field of

international relations globalization can be broken down in to four different categories

military, social, environmental, and political globalization. Each category serves a

specific purpose, which, will further be explained along with how contemporary

globalization differs from past types.

In past civilizations there was only one way states could have any major influence in

the global economy. However, in today’s society tactics such as colonization or threaten

to use military force are not well welcomed with in the international community. States

have become very familiar with the political aspects of globalization and the bargaining

power it brings to the negotiating table. Today globalization is divided into four separate

categories Environmental globalization can be thought of as conditions that are created

by companies or through natural means. Conditions such as, air pollution and global

warming are considered environmental globalization because these conditions affect

people everywhere regardless of which geographical area they reside in. The migration

of people is also falls under environmental globalization because people are viewed as

valuable resources. According to professor Robert K. Schaeffer environmental

globalization is “ The global spread of pollution and waste, perhaps best illustrated by

global warming, the destruction of natural habitats, animal species, resources, and

indigenous peoples, and the high rates of energy and resource consumption, are

frequently identified as corollaries of globalization” (Schaeffer 3).   Environmental

globalization can be both beneficial and harmful to states for instance if a group of well

trained and educated individuals migrate from Spain to Japan. Japan gains more...


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