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The Life of Indian Bride Is Always at the Tip of Knife If She Fails to Meet the Rising Expectations of the Groom and His Family.

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Yes the groom is confused and his family is totally demanding. This line is a very common thing to hear from a bride’s family. The process of marriage simply becomes dramatic from the day the advertisement is placed in the newspaper. The groom is obviously busy in his own personal and work affairs and the grooms family is seriously dedicated to find out the best match for there lovely male child. It’s a known fact that male child always enjoy the bread of priority in Indian families.

His actions and his behavior are always admired with the full ignorance of his weaknesses and negative actions. The search of bride is not an ordinary affair, its crucial and most top secret affair in Indian families as lots of things are involved in this. No matter how much demerits exist in the background of the groom, he and his family will demand the best bride with all the visible benefits.

From expensive car to new furniture to expensive clothes of whole family to other uncountable expenses, the bride and his family is tortured every single second for infinite gifts and expenses. The hypocrite nature of groom’s family lies in the fact that on one hand they say that they don’t take dowry and they don’t have any demands but on other hand these above mentioned demands are considered a birth right by the groom’s families.

Things don’t end here; it becomes worse when the self respect and individuality of the bride is questioned by making her an educated well qualified servant. The groom’s families always demand a well educated bride in today’s scenario but still they expect her to do all the household work like any paid servant.

The ones who prefer a working bride also expects an all rounder super woman factors in the bride by taking household work besides her job. Well no one considers the bride as there own family member until and unless she gives birth to a male child.

The life of Indian bride is always at the tip of knife if she fails to meet the rising expectations...


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