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Hijab, with and Against

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What is Hijab?
Hijab is a head covering worn in public,or around men by Muslim women.
Why do muslim women wear hijab?
There are two reasons why Muslim women wear hijab,one of them is because Allah told them to in Qur'an and many other 'Ahadeeth'. The second reason is that Muslim women say that they want men not to judge by their looks. They want them to respect them because of their personality. Also when someone sees a woman in Hijab they know that she is Muslim, hijab helps a woman to make a statement about her identity.
Two opinions about Hijab-
Hijab is something Allah told women to wear, if they are religious they have no right to disobey. The hijab states woman's identity. In Muslim world, hijab means modesty and privacy. Many people think that rules for women are really strict, but it's not true because in Qur'an it says that a woman has to cover her hair and neck, her clothes have to be loose enough not to show her body parts. Muslims say that a woman in a hijab feels more comfortable and confident. Many people think that girls are forced to wear the hijab, but it's not true. To wear the hijab is a girl's choice, and the
Some people say that there is no need to wear a hijab to be modest,have good manners and behave correctly. If a woman respects herself she will do all that no matter what she is wearing. Many conflicts happen because of hijab, parents want their daughters to wear it while daughter don't want to. This conflict usually happens in other countries, not Islamic. This leads to lying and misunderstanding.


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