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Pliny and Trajan

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Considered one of the most important documents of history for the Imperial Age is the recorded conversation of Pliny and Trajan.   Pliny the Younger was an author, lawyer, and magistrate of Ancient Rome under Trajan.   Trajan was Roman Emperor at its greatest protective level.   Throughout the conversation, you will notice that Pliny always wants constant approval from his great ruler Trajan.   In every situation, you notice Pliny questioning Trajan on how to go about certain rules or how to improve his method of authority.

The correspondence of Pliny and Trajan shows that the Roman Empire was governed in a lazy manner.   It seems to me that Trajan lays all the responsibility on Pliny and the people of Rome. Trajan wants Rome to develop its own form of government that allowed the Romans to govern themselves.   Therefore, there would be less work in it for him. Trajan just wants to be aware of things and final decisions to depict him as   a powerful, successful Emperor.

Roman leaders viewed Christians as sinful people.   Pliny recites to Trajan what he does to the people who claim they are Christians.   He repeatedly asks them if they are sure they are Christians just so they know the consequences they are about to bare.   At the end of the discussion, Trajan tells Pliny that if he is to confront any "Christians" and they deny it, no matter if they are referred, to pardon them.   He says if they refuse to admit they are Christians and pray to his Gods then they are to be excused without questioning.   However, if they do confess to being Christian then they are to be severely punished.


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