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If censored by an adult, television should not only be allowed into the home, but it should be required. Television can, and has been, used as an educational tool. Good, clear opening about your position.
I remember when I was in school, educational films were designed to show proper etiquette in washing hands and how to treat other people. Movies were about life’s lessons and were taught in a true, but gentle way. Even death was dealt with in a delicate way.    
There was no transition from the topic above to this new one here. I think a better question would be how many televisions are in the home? And what is the content that i being viewed by our youth?
Just the other day, I was at my daughter’s house when I heard the word penis spoken from the television; I asked my daughter, “What are your children watching?” “Some show they watc, every night that it is on.”   My youngest grandchild is nine years old.   I heard that word, and many others, that are not even spoken in my “all adult” home.   The show is called, ironically, “Family Guy” (Fox Entertainment).   There is an even worse   program than that one.   It features an inept, alcoholic, father and an enabling wife, living in her own reality, and three, barely censored, children.   The oldest of which, most assuredly, is headed for prison by the age of thirteen.   I am speaking of the sitcom The Simpsons. (Fox entertainment).  
Television programming, in my youth, was the same, but different, in content. Saturday mornings, for example, were filled with cereal ads and ads about the latest toy.   Every day programming was filled with infomercials geared towards moms and the latest utensil used to make the simple dinner for four. For the dads, there was fishing and bowling, none of which had a commercial about beer or how to pick up girls.  
Movies had no blood and guts, wives were not beaten into submission to clean a house or raise the children. Dads went to work, moms...


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