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The Functions and Applications of Moisture Analyzer

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The Functions and Applications of Moisture Analyzer
A moisture analyzer is a device used in the measurement of moisture content. Moisture content is defined as the percentage of a product’s weight due to water which is an essential measure of quality control. Moisture analyzers are sometimes referred to as "moisture balances" or "moisture meters". Employed in a variety of applications, a moisture analyzer can be used to measure and monitor moisture content of samples of many different substances. In fact, moisture analyzers are used in many different industries, ranging from food processing and pharmaceuticals to construction and chemical preparation.
Often, moisture analyzers are small instruments that are designed to be easy to use. They are manufactured by many different companies, including AdamLab, Ohaus, Denver Instrument, CSC Scientific, and quite a few others. Though so many different companies manufacture moisture analyzers, their design tends to be very similar. Furthermore, the way in which the moisturizer analyzers operate is typically similar as well.
The moisture analyzer consists of two important components which are a balance and a heater. To use a moisture analyzer, a sample is usually placed into a small chamber. Inside this chamber, a computer is used to record the weight of the sample. The sample is then heated with a device inside the moisture analyzer that is designed for this purpose.
The sample is placed in the moisture analyzer and the balance captures the initial weight. An infrared energy heater is used to heat the sample. During the test the balance records the weight. When the sample no longer loses weight the instrument shuts off the heat and uses the final weight to calculate moisture.
During the heating process, the moisture analyzer continues to weigh the sample periodically. Once the measurement of the sample becomes constant, the user is alerted and evaporation is completed. Once this process is finished, the moisture...


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