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How material things on City Road favour the activities of some groups over others.

City Road in Cardiff has existed for about 200 years. Originally a country lane it is now a busy commuter thoroughfare and home to the largest selection of restaurants and takeaways in Cardiff (Making Social Lives on City Road, 2009, Scene 1)
“Although City Road is unique, as are all streets, it has much in common with many other streets elsewhere in the UK and beyond” (Blakeley et al., 2009, p27)
The material things in the title refer to any physical object which has been introduced into City Road.
Firstly we will look at how people and traffic are separated by material things when previously order was imposed by the police.
The People who use City Road want access to the shops and restaurants and places of work and study. The traffic, which mainly consists of busses and cars, are on the whole passing through. Conflict occurs when the paths of the two groups cross, literally.
Bollards form a physical barrier between the two groups, keeping cars on the road and preventing them from parking on the pavement.   In places there are traffic islands blocks of concrete and coloured tarmac to help pedestrians cross the road. (Material Lives, 2009, scene 01)
Bus lanes also restrict parking on City Road which is a benefit for bus users but shop owners feel disadvantaged by not having car parking for customers nearby ( Making Social Lives, 2009 Scene 05)
The traffic lights at Death Junction (named after the positioning of the Town gallows) control the flow of cars at this five road junction as well as allowing pedestrians the time and opportunity to cross too.
If we look at the people who frequent City Road we see distinct age groups gathered at different points at different times of the day and seldom do the mix. For example a bus shelter will be used for its designated purpose during the day but at night it may be used by students as a place to hang out...


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