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Performance and Happiness

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Performance is directly proportional to Happiness

High or Good performers are the pillars of any successful organization. They not only play the most critical role to take the organization to the heights of success but the aura of their attitude influences behavior of those around too.

If not always, in most of the cases these key performers are the happiest employees of the organization also. Let’s pick up the relation between Performance and Happiness from this point and start our debate:

The more happiness you offer to your employees at workplace; the higher performance level your employees will bring. For the past few years, employees have started giving a fair value to how good the workplace environment is being offered to them. Also, since it is an era of high competition, organizations are now bound to maintain a healthy atmosphere to attract and retain good talent. All this , just to keep their employees happy while at work.  

Now, here comes a question;
Are employees happy first and good performers later or good performers first and happy later?

In my opinion, there is no profound formula to satisfy the answer. However, we may conclude that the degree to which employees may perform good is relative to how much happy the employees are while at work.

Although, to keep anyone happy is probably the most difficult task and it gets even harder when we are talking about keeping a diverse group of people happy together. However, few simple ways are:

  * Keep your employees engaged significantly. The realization that they are actively involved in doing something purposeful leads to self-motivation.

  * Help them find meanings in what they are doing. This can be done by helping them realize what needs of the workplace they are contributing their efforts to.

  * Try to add more pleasant experiences in their work life than unpleasant ones. Exchange a smile/good story, share an idea or compliment.

  * Give them chances to achieve...


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