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Why Was Richard Iii Overthrone?

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24 mark question

Why was Richard the third overthrown?

Richard the thirds reign was over run my rumour and even to this day people see Richard as an evil murderer.  One of the rumours of Richard throughout his reign, was that he had murdered his two young nephews. the general public did not trust Richard.  Richard’s position was made worse, because the previous king (Edward IV) had left conflicting instructions as to who should rule the country after he had died.   Richard was killed in combat, at the Battle of Bosworth.  It could be argued that Richard was responsible for his own demise and indeed his own death.
The obvious key factor in Richard being overthrown is the fact that he was killed in battle, some historians say that it was Richard’s own bold and soldier-like personality that got him killed as he broke away from the high ground in pursuit of Henry Tudor.  Richard lost the Battle of Bosworth because of a number of different factors. We know that  

Another important factor was that Richard managed to alienate a great majority of nobles from the south of England. Whilst Edward IV had been king Richard had been left to run the north of England, in this time he was able to establish a power base for himself, and acquired himself the title, Lord of the North.

Henry Tudor made good decisions one of his best was when there was no clear Heir to the throne after Edward of Middleham’s death. And many believed Elizabeth of York was the rightful Queen, and thus Henry decided if he became king he would promise to marry her. This got the attention of many disaffected yorkist as it would unite the two houses.

When Richard became king he invited northern nobles and gentry to the south of England to rule over the southern counties.  This quite clearly upset and angered a lot of the nobles from the south as many believed the northern man to be inferior and primitive as there strong ascents would have stuck out in a crowd of voices and these man were not...


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