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Poverty in Guyana

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Poverty in Guyana
Poverty is one of the most prevalent and persistent social problem within Guyana. By sharing theories, concepts and principles there are many different avenues to pursue in the eradication of poverty. Poverty and inequalities, reflected by income disparities in a population, increases the risks of mental health problems and drug use, lower educational performance, more violence and imprisonment and many symptoms of malaise in society.
Poverty has many causes, some of them very basic. But, such basic causes are quite intractable and not easily eradicated. Primary factors that may lead to poverty include inability to meet high standards of living and cost of living, inadequate education and employment opportunities and welfare incentives. People in developing countries may consider themselves to be doing well if they have productive gardens. Some livestock, and a house of thatch or mud-brick. In rural areas, people may be accustoms to not having plumbing, electricity, or formal health care. By the standards of developed countries, such living conditions hallmarks of poverty. Illiteracy and lack of education are common in poor counties. The government often cannot afford to provide for good schools, especially in rural areas. Without education, most people cannot find income-generating work. Poor people also often forego schooling in order to concentrate on making minimal living. When people do not have work, they do not make any money thus, high unemployment leads to high levels of poverty. Availability of employment also tends to fluctuate, creating periods of   high joblessness. There are differing beliefs about individual responsibility for poverty. Some people believe that poverty is a symptom of societal structure and that some proportion of any society inevitable will be poop. Others people feel that the poor intentionally behave in ways that cause or perpetuate their poverty.
Poverty is the major cause of social tensions and threatens to...


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